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While enjoying a beautiful anniversary trip to Italy at the end of 2021, life for Darleen Dansby and her husband, John, changed in an instant. One minute they were on a leisurely ride to the airport to complete routine testing. The next minute, they were thrust into the chaos of a COVID quarantine abroad.

While detailing the highlights of her life, the choices that dictated her path, and the faith that lifted her during challenging times, Darleen shares a glimpse into how she and John became quarantined in Italy for COVID and ultimately realized that life is always bigger than the moment. While in the midst of an unanticipated separation from family and all they loved, Darleen takes others through their experiences in Italy, detailing how they found gratitude through the chaos and how their adversity gently reminded them of the value of life and family. Darleen’s narrative is enhanced by thoughts from family members that help paint a beautiful picture of the important things in life and that all that really matters is God, family, and friends.

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